3C’s Boot Camp

How many times have you promised yourself you’d do things differently? Now answer this…Did you?

Did you change your habits? Did you take control? Did you get all the clients you want and need to be comfortable financially?

Here’s the deal: You went into business because you are really good at what you do and you enjoy it. Now you realize that there’s more to it than just being an expert at what you do. You also have to manage the books, market your business, create a business plan, answer the phone, respond to email,  make coffee, make AND implement every single decision.


You freeze when you look at your ever growing to-do list because nothing ever seems to get crossed off.

You’re overwhelmed by all of the ideas and opportunities you have. They sound exciting, but you already have lots of unfinished projects.

You went into business to create balance but now you work more than ever.

Just trying to keep up is exhausting and frustrating! There’s so much to do, there’s no time to plan for the future. You spend your day running in circles and putting out fires instead of being in control.

You end up stuck, unhappy and broke. You lose sight of why you went into business in the first place. You aren’t having  fun, don’t find the right clients and don’t earn the money you want and deserve.

Biggest Entrepreneurial Complaint:

The biggest complaint I hear from entrepreneurs is simple…not enough clients. Based on my experience working with these entrepreneurs, this lack of clients and income has nothing to do with the skills or effort; it’s the result of three problems…

Biggest Entrepreneurial Problems:

Entrepreneurial problem #1: CLUTTER. You have lots of everything. Lots of paper, lots of email, lots of projects…and lots of GREAT ideas. Too many ideas and too many things gets overwhelming and distracting really fast.  As an entrepreneur it’s vital to be able to look at your to-do list, cut through the excess, prioritize and focus on just a few things.

 Entrepreneurial problem #2: CONFUSION.  It’s all well and good to have great ideas but there comes a time when you have to choose which idea to work on and actually do it! That means starting it, staying motivated and focused and bringing it to completion. How will you and your clients ever benefit if it doesn’t get done?

 Entrepreneurial problem #3: CHAOS. You have so much going on. You’ve taken every marketing and sales class out there, but no matter what you do you don’t have the clients you want. But before you can use these strategies,  you need to have a solid foundation for your business and a system to help you prioritize and decide which marketing and sales tools are right for you.


You are overwhelmed, exhausted, unhappy, frustrated. You’re in a downward spiral. You lose sight of your dreams and goals and wonder why you went into business in the first place.

Before we continue, let me tell you a little bit about me:

I am Carrie Greene of Carrie Greene Coaching. I’ve been in business for ten years. My business has always been profitable but it hasn’t always been pretty and it certainly hasn’t always been fun.

I’ve run the obstacle course of entrepreneurship. I’ve had plenty of ups and certainly plenty of downs.

I spent a lot of time following other people’s rules and trying to do what the gurus swore would bring me success and happiness.

I achieved some success … I wasn’t happy.

The absolute most important thing I’ve learned over these past ten years is that most of us follow gurus blindly, or at least we try to. They tell us what to do and we try to force ourselves to do it.

There’s a sense that we must keep up with what we think everyone else is doing instead of doing what’s right for ourselves.

Once you figure out what’s right for you success is so much easier.

suzanneCarrie Greene has a fast and fool proof way to take the chaos and confusion of necessary business decisions and empower you with a clear plan to profit.

Most business owners lose time and money in the overwhelm of what the next step should be. If you need the answers, but are lost in the questions Carrie IS the answer.”

Suzanne Evans | SuzanneEvans.org

jacqueline butlerI’m “decluttering” my inbox and storing the golden nuggets from my 3C’s library. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over two years!

You are still an inspiration to me!”

Jacqueline S. Butler, ASID | doTERRA Wellness Advocate | http://www.mydoterra.com/3878

Imagine for just a moment:

Knowing exactly what you want to do each day and believing that you’ll actually do it.

Being confident that you have systems to handle everything that comes your way…Find what you need when you need it, have a clear desk with plenty of room to work, think and create.

Feeling in control of yourself… You avoid distractions and stay motivated. You stop procrastinating and feel focused and confident.

Knowing that when you have an idea you will be able to see it through to fruition.

Join me for The 3C’s Boot Camp

A six module program to take you and your business from Confusion, Clutter and Chaos to Confidence, Clarity and all the Clients you want.

Learn how to create a solid foundation to run and grow your business and the tools you need to get the clients you want and need to make your business successful.

Because…when you’re not stressed about how to run your business and know what to do first, second and third, you can spend your time and energy helping your current clients, marketing your business and attracting new clients.



Matthew GoldfarbNothing short of life changing.”

I came to Carrie with a business that was doing well. I was making money, getting clients, and helping people. I was also burning out. There was “success” but it didn’t feel sustainable.

Carrie helped me get clear on what I actually wanted from my business.

Carrie gave me a loving kick in the butt. She challenged me on preconceived notions and gave me the space to think it through.

The result?

In just 3 months I’ve restructured how I run my business and my “successful” business is becoming one that I truly love to run!

Matthew Goldfarb | www.corporaterenegade.com

Jody GintzIn just over 4 months, I created a business, designed my programs and landed THREE speaking engagements!”

When I met Carrie, I had no business but lots of great ideas. Carrie’s direct and systematic approach helped me focus on one business idea and create a step-by-step plan to build it. This helps me avoid the overwhelm and the frustration that I was feeling.

Working with Carrie allowed me to achieve so much more than I could have on my own. Now, everything I do takes into consideration the way I work, the things I want to do and, most importantly, how to monetize my plan.

Judy Gintz | Fun Instigator

Jama St. JohnMy income has grown by 150%.”

“I have an action plan instead of being stuck by uncertainty.

Before I started working with Carrie, I had five team members and we were just getting by…barely.

Since working with Carrie, my business has grown from a handful of team members to four times that and my income has grown by 150%. I’ve gained confidence and clarity. I’ve added products and other offerings to my business. Along with bumping up my business by several notches, my clientele has bumped it up with me!

Sometimes I think I have all the answers and Carrie helps me see the things I haven’t thought of. And sometimes I struggle with paralysis by analysis and Carrie gets me moving in the direction that’s right for me! She always knows the right questions to ask.

Jama St. John | Strategic Virtual Solutions | www.strategicvirtualsolutions.net

The 3C’s Boot Camp will:

  • Show you how to beat procrastination and avoid distractions…you’ll get projects done.
  • Show you how to prioritize your to-do list … the things you do will grow your business.
  • Help you custom design a marketing plan that you will be able to follow.
  • Save your money, time and energy because you’ll put your energy where it makes the most sense.
  • Leave you feeling confident, clear and with all the clients (and revenue) you want.

When you sign up for The 3C’s Boot Camp you’ll get:

  • Six modules. Carrie will teach you how to take control.  You’ll learn how to prioritize your to-do list so you can take action on the things that will focus your energy and bring you more clients. Listen to these pre-recorded modules on your schedule.
  • Hot Sheets with notes from ALL modules to guide you through the conversations and for quick reference.
  • A Private Session with Carrie. Not everything can be covered in group calls. Sometimes you need one-on-one attention. You will get a 15-minute private phone call with Carrie to ensure that you have the basics in place and are ready to move forward rapidly.

Plus You Get These Special Bonuses!

chaostocash1Chaos to Cash: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Eliminating Chaos, Overwhelm and Procrastination So You Can Create Ultimate Profit!

Carrie’s popular new book designed with the entrepreneur in mind with specific strategies to use to help you clear the chaos, create a plan and carry through. As one person said: “Very centering…perfect for those ‘what the heck am I supposed to be doing now’ moments!” ($19.95 Value)


Charge What You’re cd2Worth:  Five Steps to Understanding Your Value To Increase Your Profits

This six-part Carrie Greene Coaching webinar program will help you recognize your personal value so you can fortify your foundation, increase your confidence, recognize what you are worth and put the building blocks in place to be able to charge what you are really worth and get it.  ($297 Value) 


OK, Carrie, how do these sessions work and what am I doing to learn?

The modules are pre-recorded and will be released one module a week.  You can listen to them at your own pace.

What you will learn:

Module 1.  Your ideas and things. What to keep, what to let go of and how to manage it.

Module 2. Your To-do list. Prioritizing and making a plan to get things done

Module 3: Time management…how to get it all done.

Module 4:  Beat procrastination and distractions and how to focus and follow through.

Module 5:  Identify the right sales and marketing strategies for you and your business.

Module 6:  Create follow-up plans to get ideal clients and charge what you deserve.

AND your private session with Carrie will be scheduled after Module 4.

How does this program work?

You will get one module a week for six weeks.  Each runs approximately 60 minutes.

All this for $347 or 2-easy payments of $197 (payable once a month for 2 months)



Marla McAlpineCarrie helped move me from fog and overwhelm to getting what needs to be done…”

“It doesn’t matter if you have a million ideas… if you don’t get them done and get them out there, they don’t count for anything, and they certainly don’t make you money. Carrie helped move me from fog and overwhelm to getting what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Carrie cuts through the clutter with laser-like precision. She helped me look at my to-do list critically to differentiate the money-generating tasks from the “busy” tasks. I went from zero to a new brand, new program, two audio products and full prep for a huge sponsorship in 75 days…oh, did I mention I wrote a book in that time too? I didn’t accomplish even a quarter of that in my business during all of last year! Carrie helped me zero in on what needed doing when it needed to be done. She kept me sane while focusing me on what was important. I am smart but I would have never achieved that on my own; I get in my own way too much. Thank you Carrie!”

Marla Mac | www.MarlaMac.com


If you’re thinking “Carrie, that’s a lot of money”?

Let me ask you this…

How much is staying stuck costing you?

How long have you been trying to do it on your own?

What makes you think that doing the same thing again is going to give you a different result?

And the big one…How much longer are you going to just “try harder” or hope the problem goes away. 

Be honest with yourself for a moment…Is it about the money or is it about giving yourself permission to invest in your business and in the life you want to lead.



What if it doesn’t work?

As with all Carrie Greene Coaching products and programs, you get my 100% Guarantee.

satisfactionguaranteeI know that the strategies that I will be sharing with you will work. However, if after receiving and listening to the first two modules you are not completely satisfied, let me know and I will refund your complete investment … no questions asked and of course you get to keep the bonuses.


$347 or 2-easy payments of $197



Just imagine…

You’ve just come up with a brilliant idea. You focus on it, you work on it, and you follow it through to completion … and with it you get as many clients as you want.

Sign up today!

Yes, Carrie! I’m ready to join The 3C’s Boot Camp and go from clutter, confusion and chaos to confidence, clarity and all the clients I want.

I understand that I am getting:

6 pre-recorded modules to listen to on my schedule.

Hot Sheets notes to guide me through each module.

A Private 15-minute Coaching Session with Carrie

Plus these additional bonuses:

Access to the Carrie Greene Coaching Program Charge What You’re Worth: Five Steps to Understanding Your Value To Increase Your Profits ($297 value).

Carrie’s Book Chaos To Cash: An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Eliminating Chaos and Procrastination So You Can Create Ultimate Profit ($19.95 value)

All for $347 or 2-easy payments of $197


Lorraine CooperMy part-time business has been steadily making an average of $1200 a month!”

I just want to let you know that since June, my part-time alteration business has been steadily making an average of $1200 monthly…I have been working IN my business and learning more about myself – when I am most productive and when to take a break when my body needs it. You’ve really helped me focus on what’s important, and for me, it’s making sure my family has me when they need me, but to make sure I’m okay too, so I can still reach out and help others.

Lorraine Cooper | www.thealterhouse.ca

Carrie is my magician!


Let’s turn your chaos and confusion into opportunities and profit!


Carrie Greene

Carrie Greene Coaching

P.S. Remember, there’s no risk. If you are not completely satisfied I will happily give you a full refund.

P.P.S. Questions? Email me at Carrie@CarrieGreeneCoaching.com